Pre – Car Warranty Inspections

Car Warranty – Getting the Most out of your Manufacturers car Warranty

The last thing you want to do is leave any major repairs to after your car warranty has run out.

Organising a pre-warranty run out inspection may save you heaps. Manufacturers often offer great warranties on their vehicles – some beyond major work requirements. However the last thing they want to do is spend money on a car which is almost out of warranty.

So if you take the car to the authorised motor dealership – chances are they will pass your car even though they may suspect a fault is imminent.

So how do you avoid this.. Simple organise a pre-inspection with us. If we see a problem we can log the fault with the manufacturer and they then are by-law required to fix it under the warranty.

Saving you an expensive repair bill later to fix after the warranty has run out.


Regular Car Servicing Saves You Money

Keep Your Car In Great Condition with Regular Servicing
  • A well tuned engine uses less fuel and produces less emmisions.
  • Engine oil loses its effectiveness over time. It needs to be replaced regularly to extend engine life.
  • Leaking oil or other fluids can cause a costly major breakdown or accident.
  • Brakes must be checked and adjusted regularly to ensure roadworthiness and safety.
  • All moving parts must be lubricated to avoid unecessary wear and tear.
  • Loose belts can cause engine failure and damage.
  • Lights must be frequently checked and adjusted for legal and safe operation.
  • Tyres should be checked and inflated to correct pressure to extend their life.
  • Steering and suspension components should be checked to extend their life.
  • Regular servicing, documented in your Log Book enhances the resale value of your vehicle.