Clutch Replacement or Repair

The clutch is the assembly that engages and disengages the manual transmission from the flywheel

clutch repairs rozelle inner west sydney

clutch repairs rozelle inner west sydney

If you experience any of these warning signs, you should have your clutch and car checked out.

  • Clutch pedal travels to floor with little or no resistance
  • Clutch pedal feel soft when depressed
  • Unable to engage transmission into gear
  • Clutch slips
  • Clutch grabs or shudders as it is engaged
  • Noise or vibration coming from the area of the clutch

Clutches wear over time but can go quickly once any of the above symptoms become noticeable. Don’t leave it too late to fix or replace as you could be left stranded.

Fine Serve Auto – We can do anything from replace a clutch cable right through to the bigger jobs like replace the whole clutch kit – which includes the clutch plate, pressure plate and the thrust / throw out bearing.

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