Regular Car Servicing Saves You Money

Keep Your Car In Great Condition with Regular Servicing
  • A well tuned engine uses less fuel and produces less emmisions.
  • Engine oil loses its effectiveness over time. It needs to be replaced regularly to extend engine life.
  • Leaking oil or other fluids can cause a costly major breakdown or accident.
  • Brakes must be checked and adjusted regularly to ensure roadworthiness and safety.
  • All moving parts must be lubricated to avoid unecessary wear and tear.
  • Loose belts can cause engine failure and damage.
  • Lights must be frequently checked and adjusted for legal and safe operation.
  • Tyres should be checked and inflated to correct pressure to extend their life.
  • Steering and suspension components should be checked to extend their life.
  • Regular servicing, documented in your Log Book enhances the resale value of your vehicle.


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